About Crafty Rhinos

Mission- Provide customers with premium quality handmade furniture.

VisionCrafty Rhinos will be a business that equips young people with employable skills.

Kevin Reinwald

When Kevin and Beth Reinwald met in their forties, they knew God was going to knit their dreams together. Beth had started a 501c3, Flourish Homes and Kevin felt that God wanted him to start a business to help fund the ministry and give job training. Initially, Kevin thought he would buy the business he worked for, but that did not work out. Unbeknownst to them, God was working on a plan when Beth started asking Kevin to do wooden Pinterest projects for her after learning he made crates at work. Her first request was a box and the projects kept getting bigger and Kevin’s craftsmanship kept getting better and better and he LOVED what he was doing. Initially he worked a little on woodworking on the weekends and started selling items on Facebook. From the early stages, Kevin sowed 10% of each sale to Flourish Homes to help support our home for young ladies aging out of Foster Care or at risk for homelessness. In 2021, we incorporated and in 2022, Kevin left his job to do woodworking full time from his garage. 


Currently, Kevin sells custom furniture online and has a booth space at the Vintage Phoenix in Broken Arrow where he shares space with Flourish Homes-Blossom’s Hope program where residents make jewelry and goods to help fund the home and provide “funtherapy” activities. Ultimately the Reinwald’s are believing for a full force job training and work program affiliated with the Flourish Home where young ladies can help build furniture, refurbish furniture and learn office and business skills.


Have a question not listed below?  

Please keep in mind we are building solid wood furnishings that could potentially crack, split, shrink, warp or bow in certain areas.  Wood is an organic product and with different weather conditions, humidity, it has a mind of its own!  I believe any of these features (cracks, splits, knots, bowing, gaps, shrinkage, warping) the wood is adding its own authentic character to your custom furnishing.  We do glue, use pocket hole screws and wood fill (optional) for our table tops to close the seams as best as possible.  
I will not offer refunds, repairs or exchanges if any of these instances are to occur.  We take a lot of pride in our furnishings when we build them however there are some things like above you or I cannot control

Complete our custom form on the contact page and I can let you know if we can build it or not.  I don’t work with metal or glass. 

We use solid wood, Douglas fir,  kiln-dried very economical for the farmhouse market.

If you would like hardwood let me know and keep in mind $300 – $1000+ range would be additional to pricing on our page.

If you would like to incorporate any other wood that you have on hand, best thing to do is contact us and we’ll discuss.

Absolutely! I just have a wood shop that you can view what I’m working on. Click here to find out more, By appointment only.

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